S*Tigerögas Norwegian Forest Cats

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Last updated 2021-02-16     Created 1996-08-06 by Johanna Grebner    ©

My name is Johanna Grebner and I have been breeding Norwegian Forest Cats since 1990. The cattery is situated just south of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden and registred in SVERAK, a member of FIFé. There are 8 cats in my cattery; 1 queen, 1 male, 1 young queen and 5 neutered cats.
Check them out!

Me and GIC Fåfängans Mira
Me with GIC Fåfängans Mira, DM
The picture is taken in 1993.
Photo: Eivor Rasehorn ©

This is me some years ago.....

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dop2.jpg (11511 bytes)
I am the younger one. Note that I'm wearing a dress!!!

jotta5.jpg (9711 bytes)
Me about 6 years old.
At this time my brother and I decides that we should buy ourselfs a rabbit. And we told our parents that we were going to buy a rabbit. About 10 minutes before we bought her.....
We also had birds in a cage, that was higher than me. And later my brother brought some fishes from a friend. But so far no cat......

Me and Chaflonkan
When I was 8 years old I got my first cat. I just had to have a cat, no matter what my father said! (He said he would move if I brought a cat to our home. I thought that was a promise... ;-)  ) My friend's cat was pregnant and I wanted a red kitten from that litter. I was present when the kittens were born to see my little red kitten. But it was her first litter without a red kitten... So I chose a black and white kitten instead. I named her Chaflonkan and she lived with me until she was 13 years old.

Chaflonkan, 1974-1988

Chaflonkan and our rabbit Kanilla. They were great friends!

When Chaflonkan was gone I longed for a new cat. I could not live without a cat! So in 1989 S*Kei-O-Nett's Grace came into my life. She is my first Norwegian Forest Cat. A few months later I bought S*Demoonas Ceasar. I had no interest in cat shows or breeding, but I wanted one litter from Grace and to have her recogniced as a breeding queen I had to show her once. So I did, and then I was caught in the world of cat shows. It was so fun!!

Grace was not so good for breeding, so I looked for a new breeding queen. I falled for Fåfängans Mira and in 1990 this little cute kitten moved to us. She has been a great breeding queen, but now she is altered. She is the mother of 6 litters.

In 1991 I bought Manollo av Hulder (N) from Norway. He was supposed to be my stud, but that was not possible so he had a show career as a neuter instead.

In 1992-1993 Mira had a litter, where I couldn't sell S*Tigerögas Chevalier-De-Malte. He had to stay with me! And so he did. His brother S*Tigerögas Casanova moved to my mother, but she became allergic to him, so he now lives with me.

In 1993 Donna de Pablo Diablo (N) moved from Norway to us. She had 3 litters before she left us in 2001. She enjoyd cat shows more than beeing a breeding queen.

In 1995 a friend of mine was looking for a breeding queen. I followed her to have a look. She did not buy the queen, but I falled for a blacksmoke & white kitten in the same litter. That was S*Solslingans Don Juan. So he moved home to us in the beginning of 1996.

Mira had her last litter in 1998. Now I had to find myself a new breeding queen. I bought S*Izawatha's Nanai and had her as a host cat. She is the grand grand daughter of Mira. In her litter in 2001 I kept S*Tigerögas Ladyburn.

Well, my cats were getting older. I bought a female from my friends Tina Strömberg & Kjell Wikström, S*Izawatha's. Her name is Siska and she has a lot of my older cats in here pedigree. Fåfängans Mira is twice her grand grand mother. S*Solslingans Don Juan is her grand grand father. Manollo's brother Putchi Two av Hulder and Malte's father Glitterfjorden Smaragd is also her grand grand fathers. 3 cats from my breeding is in her pedigree. S*Tigerögas Izabelle is her mother, S*Tigerögas Hiawatha and S*Tigerögas Eldalie is her grand mothers.

From my queen Siska's first litter I decided to keep Mirabelle and from her second litter a kept Nyponros.

Mirabelle was neutered and Nyponros was sadly killed in an accident, so I began to search for a female with my old cats in the pedigree. The choice fell on S*Zarkesha's Kewpie Doll.

When S*Zarkesha's Kewpie Doll would deliver her second litter she went ill and almost died. The kittens had to come out by a c-section. Since their mother couldn't take care of them they all went to a foster mother. The female in the litter, S*Tigerögas Sunrise of Lynx-Lair, moved to me to be the new breeding queen.

When I got the opportunity too use S*Tigerögas Tazzoliit as the father of S*Tigerögas Sunrise of Lynx-Lair's first litter I couldn't resist to keep a female, so I decided that S*Tigerögas Upalite should stay with us.

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