S*Tigerögas Norwegian Forest Cats

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Donna de Pablo Diablo (N)

Donna past away 26th September 2001.

Donna loved cat shows. She loved all attention she got from both the judge and the audience.
While she was waiting for her turn to be judged she was laying by herself on a chair, looking at all the people and the other cats.

Title: Europa Champion
Awards: 1 BOX
5 Nominations for Best in Show
8 Best in Variety
4 Best Senior
Colour: Black and white,
NFO n 09
Genotype: aaD-ootb-iiSs
Sex: Female
Born: August 16, 1993 in Bærums Verk, Norway
Nickname: Donna
Father: IP/EC Leonardo av Hulder (N)
Mother: (N) Coco Island's Amanda
Breeder: Kristin Majlund Nielsen
Owner: Johanna Grebner

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Donna's first litter
Donna's second litter
Donna's third litter

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