S*Tigerögas Norwegian Forest Cats

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Title: Supreme Champion
Supreme Premior
Distinguished Variety Merit
Awards: 5 Best in Show
3 Best Senior
37 Nominations for Best in Show
22 Best of Variety
4 out of Top 5 at first show
Best NFO group 8 in SVERAK 2014
Colour: Blacktortie silver mackerel tabby & white
NFO fs 09 23
Genotype: A-DdOoTtbI-S-
Sex: Female - neuter
Health: HCM - normal (May 2010, September 2011, August 2015)
GSD IV - homozygous normal
Born: October 27, 2008 in Malmö
Nickname: Kelly
Father: EC DK Starkad's Ramses II, DSM
HCM normal
Mother: IC S*Izawatha's Guinevere
HCM normal, GSD IV normal
Breeder: Carolina Cervin

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Kelly's first litter - Q-litter
Kelly's second and last litter - S-litter

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