S*Tigerögas Norwegian Forest Cats

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DK Lindvig's Ozzy

5½ months old:

5 months old:

Colour: Black spotted tabby & white
NFO n 09 24
Genotype: AaD-ooTtbiiS-
Sex: Male
Health: HCM - will be tested
GSD IV - homozygous normal (parents normal)
PK-def - N/N
Born: March 7, 2023 in Haarby, Denmark
Father: IC Aroni de Noldor*ES, NFO n 09 22
HCM normal, GSD IV normal, PK-def N/N
Mother: DK DeliCat's JoJo, NFO n 03
HCM - will be tested, GSD IV normal, PK-def N/N
Breeder: Hanne Lindvig Andersen

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