S*Tigerögas Norwegian Forest Cats

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Last updated 2021-02-16     Created 1996-08-06 by Johanna Grebner    ©

5 years old

Title: Grand International Champion
Awards: 1 Best in Show
1 Best Adult all breeds in WCF Ring
1 Best Adult SLH (WCF)
12 Nominations for Best in Show
7 Best of Variety
Colour: Black & white
NFO n 09
Genotype: aaD-ooiiSs
Sex: Male - neuter
Health: GSD IV - homozygous normal (parents normal)
HCM - normal (October 2013, October 2014)
PK-def - N/N (parents normal)
Born: February 11, 2012 in Tallkrogen
Nickname: Ruskprick
Father: SC S*Milda ma Tildes Jet-Seth, DVM
HCM normal - GSD IV normal
Mother: CH S*Magoria's Electra
HCM normal - GSD IV normal
Breeder: Johanna Grebner
Owner: Leena in Skutskär

Ruskprick and his father Bruno did'nt get along.
They got into fights, so I had to let one of them move.

Ruskprick lives alone with two humans, that he has a lot of fun with.
He is very fond of his new home!

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